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Steven Cogswell, LICM Provider

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

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My goal is to improve the forward motion of your dog. It's really that simple. Efficiency and balance in movement is the litmus test of a dog's overall structural soundness. Most dogs will never be a Grand Champion in the show ring or dominate an agility course, but almost every dog can find more ease and grace in their movement. 

With my education from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy's 1,000-hour program and the Lang Institute for Canine Massage's 663-hour program, I bring extensive experience in traditional massage techniques along with a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of how dogs are meant to move, to the table. 

It gives me great joy and satisfaction to help formulate a plan that allows a dog to thrive and reach their fullest potential.    

- Massage is NEVER a substitute for veterinary care -

What I Do

I want to help your dog move better. 

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Gait Analysis

Most sessions will begin by watching your dog move (so wear comfortable shoes). Dogs can't tell us where/if they hurt, but the way they move speaks volumes. Sessions will specifically address any imbalances and inefficiencies revealed by your dog's gait.


Each session will be tailored to your dog's specific needs. Early sessions may be shorter while your dog becomes comfortable with the process. I use traditional massage techniques (Swedish, neuromuscular, myofascial release techniques ... ) to help your dog find a more efficient and balanced forward movement.


The "secret sauce" of the Lang System is a series of simple, yet powerful, exercises developed to work with how dogs actually move. I will coach you and your dog on how to perform these exercises at home.

“Many times, when we look at an animal, we miss much of the picture. I teach how to look at a dog’s overall balance and structure and understand how it is all tied together.”

Joanne Lang


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