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My journey to becoming a canine massage provider started with my first dog, Willy. This is us, just shy of Willy's 16th birthday (Willy's the one on the right). For the last few years of his life, Willy started to have a hard time getting around. He was happy and had no real medical issues; he was just getting older. I was an experienced massage therapist, and I wanted to help Willy, and I did to some extent, but I knew I didn't know enough. Everything I knew was about humans standing on two legs. It's an entirely different beast for animals who walk on all fours. 

When Willy was gone, I invited three new dogs into my life: Jasper, Gerald, and Fritz. I was determined to learn how to use my training more effectively for them. I had trained at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, one of the world's best, and I would not accept anything less for my canine massage studies. I was thrilled to find the Lang Institute of Canine Massage, a year-long, comprehensive, 663-hour program designed by Joanne Lang, who has been at the top of the profession for over 30 years. I wanted more than a "learn to massage your dog" weekend workshop, and the Lang System was exactly what I was looking for. 

Initially, I was just going to work on my dogs. However, as I went through the program and saw how powerful the Lang System was, I realized I want to help other dog guardians with their dogs too.  It's good stuff; too good not to share.

Rescuing four dogs has also given me a passion for dog rescue. I honor these four stunning souls by volunteering at the Dumb Friends League, helping other dogs find their forever homes. 

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